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Aaron, Dustin, and Christian formed Neilson, Swanson, Dietrich, PLLC, bringing together over 35 years of legal experience serving clients in Montana, Oregon, and Washington.


The firm is the result of lifelong friendships first developed while growing up together in Missoula, Montana.  The three partners all met and became friends during high school.  Aaron and Dustin, however, had already created their first “legal” document by the fourth grade, while studying the Declaration of Independence: the Declaration of Girls, the subject of which remains highly confidential to this day.  After attending separate colleges, the three founding partners continued their friendship when reunited at law school at the University of Montana.  Upon graduating, they started their law careers in different pockets of the Northwest, with Dustin in Portland, Aaron in Seattle, and Christian in Helena.

They remained close over the years and plans to start a law firm together (hatched half-seriously during late-night law school studying sessions) continued to simmer.  With the continued evolution of the legal profession and available technology making remote collaboration and provision of legal services a reality, it became clear the time was right to establish a premier Northwest law firm serving clients across the region.  Having refined their respective crafts, Aaron, Dustin and Christian are excited to partner together to provide top-notch legal services to individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in Montana, Oregon, Washington, and around the West.


Please click the Our Team and Practice Area links above to learn more about Aaron's, Dustin's and Christian's respective areas of practice.

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